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The Design

The Design Gallery stands as the premier event in Australia dedicated to Design & Textiles within the Fashion & Home Industry. Carefully selected local and international exhibitors receive an exclusive invitation to participate in this two-day event across Australia's key fashion hubs, Sydney and Melbourne.

For Australian Designers, Buyers, and Production Teams, the pursuit of inspiration and engagement with trade shows often involves extensive travel. The Design Gallery plays a vital role in fostering the success of the local fashion industry by providing a dynamic platform for exposure, networking, market access, and innovation. The Event contributes significantly to the industry's growth, enhancing competitiveness, and elevating Australian fashion on the global stage.

The Design Gallery serves as a unique opportunity to showcase cutting-edge products and services, establish connections with potential local and international buyers and clients, and unlock new prospects for export and collaboration. Attendees will have the chance to immerse themselves in a boutique, curated environment strategically located in easily accessible central locations, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience.

If you’re an established buyer looking to design using the best prints & fabrics or an emerging designer wanting to source for future collections ... this is the place to be.


set up at m on w, melbourne event

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